Christian Cosmetology International Association (CCIA)
25th Anniversary Stellarbration Sunset Luxe Hotel Bel-Air, CA
October 11, 2014 Congratulations to Dr. Stella Spicer-Davis 

Hadassah Estee Davis, President CCIA
on the 25th Anniversary Stellarbration 
Apostle Price and Dr. Betty Price Funders of Crenshaw Christian Center and 
 Dr. Stella's 
Spiritual Parents for  28 years  were honored at 
the 25th Anniversary Stellabration
of the Christian Cosmetology
 International Association
October 13, 2013
Sunset Luxe Hotel
Bel-Air, CA

Dr. Stella with her Special Guest the lovely lady's are Mrs. Angela Evans, President and Cheryl Price, Vice President of Crenshaw Christian Center. Her amazing  daughters are 
Hadassah Estee, CCIA President and Toni Golden CFO. 25th Anniversary Stellarbration was held at the Sunset Luxe Hotel, Bel-Air, CA,  October 2013. Congratulations to 
Dr. Stella Spicer-Davis, CCIA Founder 1988-2013. 
Dr. Jean Perez, President of Jean Perez International and Dr. Stella's God Mother was honored at the 25th Stellarbration
Dr. Stella with her Friends and Brothers Elgin Charles CEO of Elgin Charles Salon Beverly Hills and 
Scott Julion, CEO of Scott Julion Hollywood Image Maker
Special Guest in attendance at  the 25th Anniversary Stellarbration  Sunset Luxe Hotel Bel-Air, CA 
Hadassah Estee Davis, President
Mother Thelma Adams, Vice President  and Toni Davis-Golden Chief Financial Officer
 Board Members 
CCIA 25th  Anniversary Celebration and 
Mother Thelma's 82th Birthday Party
Sunset Luxe Hotel Bel-Air, CA
October 11, 2013
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